30 Oct

Doc got his first taste of the country last night. Or should I say smell? As the title suggests, he was skunked!

Here’s the story: I had to head out to 12 Oaks by my self at night, so naturally I brought the dog along for protection. As we were walking up to the front door, Doc sprinted off chasing an animal. I didn’t think anything of it, until I caught a bright white stripe down the back of said animal. I called him over telling him to come before he got sprayed. But it was too late. As he walked up to me my eyes started to burn from the smell. Imagine how bad it smells when you are in the car and you smell a skunk from the road. Multiply that by about 1,000%.

There was no way I was letting him into the house so I left him outside and called Ben. Just from being next to him and walking into the house, the whole house (and likely me) started stinking of skunk. Ben said he would come pick Doc up and put him on the back of the truck so he wouldn’t stink up the car. He called Petco and they recommended we bathe the dog in their self-serve dog wash area.

Ben and our house guests, Trevor (our sister in law’s brother) and Mike (his colleague) who were stranded in Chicago because of Hurricane Sandy, showed up and threw him on the back of the truck.

At Petco, people started gagging from the smell. They gave us “skunk off” shampoo and skunk deodorizer and Ben washed him up. We also got some doggy perfume to help.

The dog is still a little pungent, but not too bad that he can’t be in the house. We’ll see if he learned his lesson. For all of us involved, I sure hope so.

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