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And The Pool is FINALLY Open

29 Aug

While most people are getting ready to close their pools for the year, we just opened ours. Better late than never right?


It’s not much to look at now but a lot of work went into just getting it functional. There actually is still a small leak somewhere but hey we are using it in the meantime while we can.

Here is what it looked like before we moved in.

photo 3-12

In addition to cutting back all the weeds and brush, we dug back the bank so you still have some yard on the other side of the pool. It’s a great place for bags.


We are going to add a retaining wall probably made out of railroad ties. Eventually, we think the corner would be a good spot for a fire pit.

I think the last time I showed you the pool it looked like this.

IMG_3128That was when we were digging up and replacing all the plumbing lines and skimmer baskets.

Since the pool wouldn’t hold water we also had to grind out all the cracks and patch them.IMG_2868

Then came priming and painting the concrete bottom (color: pool blue) and acid washing the fiberglass sides.

photo 3-14

photo 1-16Plus, all new equipment.

IMG_3411We also dug out the pad where the hot tub will go. It just needs to be moved from the other side of the house but we’re waiting to borrow a machine to help lift it.

IMG_3402We have the plans and all the material for the deck, so that is next on the agenda. For now we have this great little boardwalk that leads out to the pool.

IMG_3400But hey it works and we’ve been having a lot of fun in the pool. Can’t imagine how awesome it is going to be with the deck and everything else in place.

I bet you can guess where we will be this Labor Day weekend. Have a good one!