20 Christmas Trees & Ice Skating in the Pool

5 Jan

First there were 12 Oaks, now we have 20 Spruces! Yep, we planted a whopping 20 six foot evergreens, and no we are not starting a Christmas tree farm. We bought these to line the area of our property that backs up to a busy-ish road. A natural fence and sound barrier if you will.

We got a great deal on them from a nursery down the street and actually bought them before the snow hit, but just got them in the ground this week now that Ben is finally feeling better.

So here we were unloading them in December, with the help of an excavator Ben borrowed from his client/friend, Rick.IMG_2057

IMG_2059Ben wasn’t the only one who had fun on the big machinery, though. He taught me how to drive and operate it, it is actually easier than it looks and a lot of fun.

Here’s a few of them today. They are staggered 15 feet apart (the recommended distance) so they should grow together nicely in the future.

Trees pic

We put straw around the base to keep them from freezing. There is still a lot of scrub which needs to be cleared out. But all that will have to wait until Spring now.

Trees 2

Doc is really loving the property and of course is always there to lend a hand paw.


We also had a blast ice skating for the first time on the frozen pool this week! We didn’t even have to buy any ice skates, the old owners left a bunch of pairs that fit us.


We got a kick out of watching Doc relentlessly try to dig out a tennis ball frozen in the ice. Poor guy.


Plus, I think I found one sport I am better at than Ben! Yeah that’s right I can skate backwards and he can’t.


I’m sure there will be much more ice skating throughout the winter!


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